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    Future Sessions – Spotlight on our speakers

    Steve Dunne – Executive Chairman, Brighter PR This, the second of four posts in the run up to our Future Sessions seminar in London on 30th April, we will shine the spotlight on Steve Dunn, Executive Chairman, Brighter P...

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    We need you. Especially if you're an Account Manager. And awesome.

    We're looking for someone pretty special to add to our team. If you're reading this, you might already know who we are, what we do and what we're like. If you don't, we're Brighton's biggest creative agency, Top 100 in the UK...

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    Why I'm running the Brighton Marathon 2015

    In September 2014 on a dark and cold evening after devouring a 15” Domino’s Pizza/whole packet of Hob Nobs the guilt set in and I started to google phrases such as ‘how long do you need to train for a marathon’ ‘slo...

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